New Young Adult Campus Centers

Young adults speaking with a leader

New Young Adult Campus Centers in Pretoria and Stellenbosch

The Pretoria University Campus and Stellenbosch Centers have been funded, built and will be maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We believe that the Glory of God is Intelligence, and that God is pleased as we pursue a life of learning.  We believe that knowledge and truth are built upon a foundation of faith and that learning is enhanced through the Holy Spirit.

The Campus Center is an uplifting place for young adults to gather, find refuge, and feel a sense of belonging, love, and friendship.  Young adults can drop by to study, bring a friend to visit, share personal interests, or play a game.

Young single adults talking and laughing together

The Centers has:

  • Wi-Fi access,
  • A place for games and Social Events
  • A place for serving food and eating together. 
  • A Place to Study 
  • A place for religious instruction.
  • A place from which to launch community service activities.
  • The Campus Center enhances but does not replace university studies.
  • Campus Center participants lives are enriched through service and social activities, and where they learn Gospel truths and build faith in Jesus Christ.


  • The Pretoria University Campus and Stellenbosch Campus Centers will also act as a worship center on Sundays for young adults.


  • This Campus centers can hold weekly forums and other presentations covering religious, educational, or life improving topics such as
    • Developing leadership,
    • Making friends,
    • Understanding integrity,
    • Succeeding in a career,
    • Running a business, etc.


  • Mentors for students can be invited to be a resource to mentor students as they plan their lives, education, and careers.


  • Those who participate in these Centers may seek to further their education and find meaningful employment, through Self-Reliance groups such My Path, My Foundation, Personal Finances, Education for Better Work, Emotional Resilience, and Starting and Growing my Business. 


  • Also, by directing young adults to local employment resource centers, teaching interviewing and resume’ writing skills, holding employment workshops, accessing career information, learning about employment and educational opportunities, or providing information about education support funds, including the Perpetual Education Fund.