Africa South Area

Area Vision

The Africa South Area Vision:
Invite all to come unto Christ, make and keep sacred covenants, and become His lifelong disciples.

I will make and keep temple covenants.

''Those who make further covenants in the temple receive powerful promises conditioned on personal faithfulness. We solemnly promise to obey God’s commandments, live the gospel of Jesus Christ, be morally pure, and dedicate our time and talents to the Lord.

''In return, God promises blessings in this life and the opportunity to return to Him. In that process, we are given, or endowed with, the power to discern between truth and error, between right and wrong, amid the confusing and negative voices that bombard us.''

I will serve a mission. I will help others to serve.

''In that message President Kimball explained his vision for how the gospel would be taken to all the world.

''He called for many more missionaries from around the world. He reminded us of the Lord’s expectation 'that every man should … lift a warning voice unto the inhabitants of the earth.' 

''President Kimball’s teaching about the expectation for young men to serve a mission became a topic of conversation in homes around the world. That expectation has not changed.''

I will assist in God’s work by ministering and by doing missionary work.

''Every person who has made covenants with God has promised to care about others and serve those in need. We can demonstrate faith in God and always be ready to respond to those who ask about 'the hope that is in [us].' Each of us has a role to play in the gathering of Israel.

''Today I reaffirm strongly that the Lord has asked every worthy, able young man to prepare for and serve a mission. For Latter-day Saint young men, missionary service is a priesthood responsibility.''

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