#LightTheWorld: What the initiative means to members

Light the World 2017 banner

The light of the world initiative encourages members to serve those around them and to share the light of the Saviour where ever they are. Being an example and a disciple of Christ comes with being able to emulate the Saviour.

Sister Bulelwa Cotyi, Mdantsane Ward 3, says that #LightTheWorld has helped her realise the importance of helping the elderly in her neighbourhood.

“I saw the importance of lending a helping hand to all those who are in need - especially the elderly. This initiative has made me realise that we have a responsibility to serve and offer a helping hand to all those who can’t help themselves. The advent calendar made doing these tasks fun,” said Cotyi.

Sister Nomawethu Dingaan from Mdantsane Ward 3 expressed her gratitude for the initiative because it helped her invite a friend to church and she was later baptised.

“I shared the Book of Mormon story of how faithful Nephi was and today she is a member of the church. She has a calling and next year she is going to the temple, I am really grateful for the pass along cards and scriptures that I got to share with her,” said Dingaan.

Sister Somila Mhini from Mdantsane Ward 2 says that when the video came out she shared it on Facebook and shared it with friends as well.

“When I shared the video people were asking questions about what we believe in and what we do. Questions about the campaign came up as well and people were interested in coming to church. I also found that people got enlightened about our practices and they also saw that we all believe in one God and we could have conversations about God and the Saviour”, said Mhini.

 Brother Uviwe Malgas served a mission in Uganda and he participated in the campaign. He felt very close to the Saviour and the experience helped him grow.

“I enjoyed using the advent calendar and using the activities relevant for mission standards. I enjoyed participating because this helped me grow closer to God; I enjoyed helping those in need,” said Malgas.