Using the Radio to Share the Gospel

Using the Radio to Share the Gospel

Missionaries learn many new things on their mission….but radio broadcasting?  Elders Higley and Kamya, in Richard's Bay, South Africa were walking in town when they saw the sign for a radio station, SHINE FM 104.0, and decided to stop in. They identified themselves and explained what they were doing in South Africa.  After a few minutes of conversation, they offered to present a radio program each week. Their offer was quickly accepted.  

In the beginning, the elders talked between songs or on commercial breaks. Next, they were moved to their own time period, where they were interviewed by radio announcers. Soon, they had their very own radio program. Each week for fifteen minutes, they speak to youth and the community on a different topic. The station only notifies them of their topic 2 hours (or less) before they go on air, so they have very little time to prepare. However, there is no script or planned presentation. They must rely on their gospel knowledge and the Spirit. The elders must keep the program moving quickly with back-and-forth dialogue, because they are co-hosts on a live radio program. There is no opportunity to consult with each other, rehearse, or edit their performance. They are on KOSI 104.0 FM every Tuesday between 4:00 and 4:30 PM. 

“For the Strength of Youth” is one of their favorite resources, and they use it weekly. They have covered chastity and teen pregnancy, the Word of Wisdom and drugs, teen suicide, and the value of education. During their program on the Word of Wisdom, Elder Bagley said, “I felt the Spirit so strongly. I know the Lord gave me the words to say that day.”   

When the presenter asked the question, “How do we prepare ourselves to meet God?” Elder Bagley and Elder Bryant shared their testimonies on making wise choices and keeping the goals in mind that will enable us to return to live with God. They encouraged the audience to develop a personal relationship with God through daily prayer. “This relationship happens when we speak to Him and listen as He speaks to us,” they taught. They also mentioned the importance of serving others. They had just spent the day painting the home of a family in a nearby township. Although their service blessed this family, they were also blessed through the joy they felt as they served. They challenged those listening to look for ways to serve others.  

Elders Higley and Kamya have been transferred, but the radio program continues to grow with Elders LaFrance, Bagley, Kakar, and Bryant. These elders have all stepped way out of their comfort zones to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are developing new talents and spreading their message.