Tsetse Fly Miracle

Tsetse Fly Miracle

     Kevin Morgan, a young member of the Church from Zimbabwe, hadn't been feeling well for some time, but the doctors were unable to diagnose his problem. Then they discovered that he had been bitten by a Tsetse fly while camping in the Zambezi Valley. It wasn't long before his condition became critical.  He was bleeding from all over: from his eyes, nose, ears, and even his finger nails. Reginald Nield, a friend from the Church, was called to give Kevin a priesthood blessing. “Am I going to die?” Kevin asked.

    Brother Nield answered, “I don't know, my boy. That's up to the Lord, but I will do everything in my power to help you.” Then Brother Nield went to work.  All of Kevin's blood had to be replaced and continue to be replaced as the doctors tried to stabilize him enough to endure the flight to a large hospital in South Africa that had specialized training.  Brother Nield collected blood and commuted between the blood bank and the hospital, doing all he could to keep Kevin alive.

    Once the boy was on the life-flight to South Africa, Brother Nield sought advice from doctors all over the world. No hospital in the whole of Africa generally stocked the medication needed to treat Kevin for this particular bite. However, one lot of the required medication was eventually located by word of mouth from many of Brother Nield's friends and colleagues. Someone phoned a friend, who phoned a friend, until eventually a pharmaceutical representative remembered selling some of this exact medication to a little clinic somewhere in Cape Town, South Africa. A doctor sent in the prescription, and another friend-of-a-friend went to collect the medication and get it delivered to the doctors at the hospital where Kevin was being treated.

     Brother Nield then discovered the second medication Kevin needed far away in Switzerland, but was able to have it packaged, shipped, and delivered to the hospital. Everybody's efforts worked together to complete a miracle.

   Kelly-Ann, Brother Nield's daughter, remarks: “What can only be described as a miracle is the Kevin I still see today, as playful and full of nonsense as ever. He has made a full recovery and has become a worldwide case-study. I know that only with the Lord's intervention was Kevin's recovery possible, assisted by the faith, prayers, and diligence of my father and all the others who participated and contributed to Kevin's recovery.”

         Excerpted by Marnae Wilson from Reginald Joseph Nield: An Overview of His Life, Faith, and Works, compiled by David Merkley Mayfield, 2011, pp117-118

Reginald Joseph Nield: An Overview of His Life, Faith, and Works