The New Africa Southeast Area Page

Discover the new features of the Africa Southeast Area website

image of the new Africa Southeast Area Page

The Africa Southeast Area website has a new, refreshed look

Welcome to the new Africa Southeast Area website! It has been updated to help you more easily get information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Africa Southeast Area. On this site you will find messages to help you learn about, live and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some of the updates include:

Refreshed Look

A completely new look and feel refreshes the site, created to help you get around the site more easily and faster. From a new navigation menu structure to a more graphical interface, navigation is simplified.

Navigation Menu

Navigation is now set up so that you can find the most relevant information that you need quickly, with the dropdown bars organising each site section.


With events now set up on the homepage, you can be informed of all important events happening in the Church and in the Africa Southeast Area. Return often to see what events are coming up.

Live Streaming

This exciting feature allows you to watch events in the comfort of your own home, right from the homepage of the website. Live streaming will be available for activities such as Face to Face, devotionals, and temple groundbreaking events.


If you can’t find what you are looking for, the new search functionality helps you find what you are looking for on the Africa Southeast Area website, as well as other LDS websites. Now you can quickly find information on any LDS topic!


Tags are another way to find related information easily. At the bottom of each article page, there will be related topics which take you to all content on the website on that subject. On the tags page, you can search from a dropdown bar to find material on a variety of topics.

Social sharing

The new site allows easy sharing on social media. Watch for the social media icons which simplify sharing content with your family and friends. If you read something which inspires you, share it! If you see an event which you think others might want to know about, share that too. You can make others aware of the Africa Southeast Area website from the homepage by going to the footer and clicking on the social media icons.

The address of the new website is