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New YA Aduly Campus Center
New YA Aduly Campus Center
Love and Service by W. Jean-Pierre Lono
One of the best ways to show our love is to share the gospel. But sharing the gospel is more than talking about the church. It's giving of ourselves to those in need.
Maria has tried to raise her son as she was raised, teaching him to trust in the Lord at all times.
Elder Asante had the impression that five people were ready to get baptised in Njeru. With faith, he found all five.
At Christmas time - and throughout the year - it is important to learn to give as He has given.
Elder Dale G. Renlund and his wife Ruth delivered a historic Africa Face to Face event on August 5, 2017 from Accra, Ghana.
Joseph from Zimbabwe shares how he is preparing to serve as a missionary
An institute student wasn't going to be able to attend the meeting with Elder Rasband, but fasted for the opportunity to do so
How could Lungelo honour the Sabbath day when his soccer team played on Sundays?  
A Young Single Adult from the DRC tells how Institute is helping him prepare to serve a mission