Church History Stories

Robert Israel Muhile was not only among the first members of the Church in Tanzania; he was the only one in his village.    
Filipe S. Zavale of Mozambique keeps in touch with the Church through his magazine subscription to the Liahona.    
Ejikeme Enyii-Ineh from Chad visits Temple Square while on a business trip.  
This little booklet secured official Church recognition for an entire country.  
Anthony Obinna sees a beautiful building in a dream.  
Brother Mohapi found the church when he was a refugee  
A missionary finds an answer.  
If seven loaves and a few little fishes can feed a multitude, 200 rand can keep blessing lives far into the future.  
Missionaries receive the royal treatment in Ghana.  
Few people know about the miraculous behind-the-scenes preparation necessary for missionary work to begin in a new country.  
Water is extremely scarce in Namibia  
The first three Mormon missionaries travel to Cape Town, South Africa