- Area Leader Messages

Elder Van Reenen compares mountain climbing to overcoming challenges in life.
Elder Kyungu tells us five ways to make sure we are of God's chosen generation.
Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can be strengthened as we rely on His atonement, firmly believe on all His words, and remember the spiritual experiences we have had throughout our lives.  
'Some cultural traditions in parts of Africa are negative when measured against gospel culture and values.'  
May we watch over our language and correct it if necessary.  
As we make little right choices daily, the Lord will strengthen us and help us choose the right during difficult times.  
Eternal life is the greatest blessing promised to man if he follows God's established way.  
Family relationships will be ours for eternity in a resurrected and immortal condition.  
Temple Ordinances are once again available to all members.
Elder Clayton Bolander dies while serving in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. An Area Presidency message
Our testimony of the restored gospel centers less on our Church history than in the Book of Mormon.