The taste says “share it!” 

Young Women Preparing a Meal

Sharing the gospel is as natural as sharing a bite of a delicious meal with a friend.

I once went to a party that had very good food. I remember wishing my family was there to taste the same food. Unfortunately they were not, but I took the recipe and tried to make some of the dishes at home. This is what happens naturally when you eat something good. As a child I remember breaking candy into small pieces so that I could share it with my friends. It is not enough to tell people, “the candy in my mouth is so sweet!” People will never understand how good or sweet it is unless they have also eaten the same candy.

This is like sharing the gospel. If we are really enjoying it, if it is that sweet, then the taste says “share it!” Wouldn’t it be good for all our family to enjoy it? Don’t we want the recipe so that we can make the same dish at home for our family? And the question is, who is our family? Our family is our nuclear family; our extended family; our neighbors; our classmates or colleagues; the whole community. After all, we are all children of the same Father. If we are all children of God, then we are all a big family.

To share the gospel naturally, we need to 'love, share, and invite.' If we demonstrate real and true love to those around us, it will be easy to share; and once we share, the same power of love will encourage others to accept our invitation. How happy will we be to be surrounded by those we know when we get to the celestial kingdom!

How I share the gospel in the simplest ways

  • I share the gospel by living it. Action speaks louder than words. We don’t always have to approach people and proselyte like full-time missionaries, sometimes we need only show it in our everyday lives. Most times, we are the only Book of Mormon, bible, scriptures that people will ever read.

  • I share the gospel by teaching my family. I hold a Monday Family Home Evening every week, and family prayers and scripture reading every day. I help my children grow in the gospel. The light in them will attract many, friends, classmates, teachers and make them want to know where it comes from.

  • I visit the temple regularly. I can share the gospel to those on both sides of the veil and the temple helps me do that.

  • I post my favorite scripture verses and faith-promoting memes on WhatsApp. Once I was asked to show the source of a quote I shared, and that was an opportunity for me to offer the person a Book of Mormon.

  • I share my testimony, whenever I have the opportunity. I share it with anyone from anywhere as long they give me that opportunity.

I know He lives!


1. Book of Mormon

2. The Holy Bible

3. Scriptures

4. Family Home Evening

5. Temples

6. Faith-promoting images