Sewing his Way to Self-Reliance

Sewing his Way to Self-Reliance

It all started when Joseph Kahari, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, learned about the importance of relying upon one’s self by learning new skills in order to make a living. 

He purchased a used sewing machine for $30, obtained material, and started sewing clothing including shirts, skirts, throws, pillow covers, curtains and more. 


Many of his products include fabrics that tell the story of his people and the African environment. 


Finding leather, Joseph began creating sandals for both men and women. All he needs to know is a person’s shoe size and colour preference, and within a day or so, he delivers the product for only $10. The sandals fit well, are comfortable to walk in, and hold up well. 


Joseph has just begun designing and producing woman’s bags made of patchwork leather. They will soon be in demand among his customers with their unique patterns and durability.


Not content to bless his own life, Joseph was determined to help others learn the vital principle of self-reliance. Today he teaches a group of more than twenty women with both church members and women from the community, who, in turn, teach and demonstrate how to make useful and saleable products. Their group, named Africa 54, has completed the work in the inspired self-reliance initiative, “Start and Grow My Business” and has implemented the skills they learned by completing all assignments.