Seminary Students

What is Seminary ?

As stated in the General Handbook, “Seminary is a four-year program in which youth study the gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the scriptures and the teachings of latter-day prophets.”

Home-study seminary is a stake seminary program that is available. To access more information and resources for seminary, please contact your local Seminary and Institute representative or visit the Seminary website.

Student sitting in desk

Online Seminary

Online seminary is a new addition to the existing daily, released-time, and home-study seminary classes. Online seminary is not intended to replace established daily or released-time classes.

Each week there are four days of online lessons, where students study the scriptures, participate in online learning experiences, and interact with their teacher and the other students in their class. An online lesson usually lasts between 30–45 minutes. In addition, the teacher and all the students meet together for one class each week.

Student writing list

Requirements for students to participate in online seminary:

  • Daily access to a computer with high-speed Internet (greater than 400 kbps, dial-up Internet is not sufficient) for 30-45 minutes

  • Church account and email address

  • Weekly attendance at a live class either face-to-face or virtually

  • Download and use necessary software

  • Signed seminary registration form noting the Internet and online use policy

For further information or clarification, contact your local Seminary and Institute representative.