Rwanda Information

Rwanda Information
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  • First Church presence in Rwanda: 1993
  • Rwanda dedicated for missionary work: 2009
  • Rwanda is legally registered: 2012
  • Current Church members: 281
  • Number of congregations: 4


2002 :  Nelson And Sapna Samuel move from India to Rwanda and hold meetings in their home.

2006 : The Samuels meet another member, Stuart Jackson, and start having meetings together. By the end of 2007, 11 official church members are attending Church meetings, all of whom were baptised in other countries.

2008:  First branch was organised by President Edward Christensen, Mission President for the Uganda Kampala Mission. 

2008: First baptism within the country takes place.

2009: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland dedicated Rwanda for the preaching of the gospel.

2011: Church meetings are halted by the Area Presidency to resume when the Church becomes legally registered in Rwanda.

2012: First missionary from Kigali Branch begins missionary service.

2012: In July, the Church is legally registered for the first time. Elder and Sister Renlund visit Rwanda and preside on the first Sunday that the congregation met again.

2012: In September, the first full-time missionaries are assigned to Rwanda.