Picture a Family

Picture a Family

When Sifiso and Neo Madela's only daughter was born, they discovered that she had a heart condition that needed to be controlled through medication for a long time.  Brother Madela  recalls,  'We wanted to make sure, so we took her to a super specialist who was a paediatric cardiologist.  He too, confirmed the diagnosis and the medication as being the best treatment.”

The couple started little Kuthula on the medication.  Unfortunately,  they discovered not  long after that “the medication had a negative effect on her,' Brother Madela says. ”She wasn’t thriving, and she seemed listless and tired.  We called the doctor and he assured us that this was normal, but that maybe we needed to decrease the strength of the dosage.  We did that, but there was no difference.

“After much prayer about the situation, my wife and I both got the strong impression that we should take her off that medication.  My wife looked at me and said, ‘You have the priesthood. Please bless her.’

Brother Madela recalls, “The following morning I held her and gave a blessing. We did not give her the medication from that day onward.  After three months we took her for a check-up, but that time we took her to a different paediatric cardiologist.  The doctor ran a few tests, including an electrocardiogram (ECG) on her heart.  He then confirmed that the baby was ‘perfectly fine!’ That day we went home very happy that God had heard our prayers and healed our daughter.  We were grateful that we had the companionship of the Spirit who reveals truth and direction. He really ‘spoke peace to our hearts and minds’ when we needed to make a decision.

“Today we know without a doubt that the Spirit is there and works. Priesthood authority was indeed restored. We can bless people and they can be healed.”  The proof of their testimony is found in the wonderful family photograph, where everyone assembled is “the picture of health!”