Never Postpone a Prompting

Never Postpone a Prompting

In April of 2012 the youth and Young Single Adults in the Pimville Ward, South Africa  were invited to collect, compile, and submit a four generation pedigree chart to the Family History Consultant in their ward so that the ordinances of salvation could be performed for those ancestors.

Brother Mkhululi Gacula accepted the invitation and gathered as much information as he could from various sources including living grandparents, relatives, tombstones, etc.  Within a week or two he had gathered what was necessary and submitted it, knowing that temple work for his ancestors could now be done in temples throughout the world.

The next couple of months passed quickly because he received his mission call and was busy with mission preparations.  His family history project became a fading memory.

On 6th July he was able to go to the temple for his own endowment. He states, “It was a beautiful experience for me.  I felt as though I had learned from on High and my understanding of the plan of salvation had been greatly enhanced.”

Then something very unusual happened. He reports, “The following morning I woke up with a strong feeling I should attend the early morning session at the temple.  However, the morning was cold, and I was tempted to wait and attend the afternoon session, as it would be a little warmer by then.  At the same time the Spirit of the Lord came so forcefully that I thought I could touch it.  It came time and time again telling me, ‘Get UP and attend the morning session.”  Without further delay, I got out of bed, got ready, and within the next 45 minutes I was at the temple, dressed, and ready to do a session.

“Immediately after the session, I bid farewell to those inside and started my walk in the chilly weather to the taxi park.  As I neared the gate of the temple grounds, I met Brother Slater, a counselor in my bishopric.  With him were some of the Young Single Adults from my ward.  I had been out of town for a full month and was unaware that a YSA temple trip had been planned for that day.

“After chatting with Brother Slater, I started to walk away when I heard him call after me, “Hold on! Could you help us with confirmations?  We are missing an endowed priesthood holder to help assist with confirmations.’” 

Elder Gacula replied, “I wouldn’t deny that opportunity!” and headed back into the temple with the group to  change into temple clothing and report to the baptistry.

His assignment to perform the confirmations placed him near the font, where he could also hear the baptismal prayers clearly. Unexpectedly, he heard his uncle’s name stated in the prayer.  He recalls, “For a moment, I thought I was imagining it!”  Soon after his uncle’s name, he heard  his  father’s name stated in a prayer, then his grandfather’s name, followed by the names of his siblings, their children, and his great-grandparents.  He was stunned, remembering, “There I stood, my eyes filled with tears, my voice choked with emotion, and my heart filled with joy and solace.  I thought, ‘Wow. It’s a miracle!’  I was able to witness all of their baptisms and was privileged to perform all their confirmations.”

On the way out of the temple he remembered how tempted he had been to stay in bed, and the compelling unseen force that had urged him to get up and attend the morning session.  He says, “As I reflected on the experience, I was so grateful that I had given heed to the Comforter.  From that experience alone I learned never to postpone a prompting!”