My Baby was Healed by the Priesthood

My Baby was Healed by the Priesthood

When my first son, Darryl was born, I loved him so much that I began to think about our purpose in life. I examined my religion and found it lacking, so I began to look around. One day, knowing that I was searching, my husband, Des told me that two young Mormon missionaries had called, and that he had asked them to come back later. That night they came again and we were introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I knew that my search had ended. Soon after that we were baptised into the LDS Church.

When we were transferred to Victoria Falls my second son, Colin developed ulcers in his mouth. Home remedies didn’t help, and soon his mouth was covered in sores and very painful, and he wouldn’t eat or drink. Desperately I took him to Bulawayo. Our family doctor prescribed medicine and a mouth paint, which I tried to administer. Trying to paint the inside of his mouth caused the sores to break and bleed.

I phoned the doctor, who said that the hospital was fully booked at the time, but that Colin could be admitted the next day. Just then the missionaries arrived, and asked if they could be of assistance. I was very happy to see them. They came in and administered to baby Colin. During the blessing, Colin fell asleep in my arms, and afterwards I put him in his cot. My father, who was present, was so pleased, that he offered the Elders a cigar each, forgetting who they were. The Elders smilingly declined and left.

Not having had much sleep because of the baby’s ill health, I slept very well that night and only woke when Colin asked for a bottle. Dad and I watched him drink his bottle, expecting the usual screams of pain when anything touched his sore mouth, but Colin drained his bottle and asked for more. What a relief. With joy I gave him another, then dared to ask him to let me look into his mouth. His mouth was completely healed by the power of the priesthood.

Later that morning I phoned the doctor and told him that Colin wouldn’t be needing the hospital bed. Our doctor was Jewish and said that the ways of God are mysterious. The missionaries came to the house at the very moment when Colin needed a blessing, and through our faith, he was healed. “We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.” (Articles of Faith 7)

Excerpted from Autobiographical Sketches: South Africa Mission 1969 by Collette Burgoyne