#LDSMostWanted: Tender Mercies

Elder Asante baptising new members in Uganda

At the beginning of August to September transfer, my Mission President asked each companionship to inquire from the Lord; how many baptisms he had prepared for each district. It was a fast and testimony week and as Elder Kampelya and I began fasting on the Saturday, I had faith that the Lord would give us a number. During the fast, I pondered and prayed, waiting for the answer.  I listened carefully to my companion and investigators, but I received nothing on that day.

On the Sunday morning, I prayed and asked God to help me and my companion know the baptisms He had prepared for Njeru District before we broke our fast, still believing that He would give us a number. After partaking of the sacrament, a thought came to my heart saying, “go and ask Bishop his favorite number,” without wasting time, we went to the Bishop’s office and asked him the same question. He took his time to answer us, but what was going on upstairs (my brain) was a prayer that the Spirit would inspire him. Then later he answered, “my favorite number is five(5). At the time my companion didn’t know why I was doing that. At the end of the day, he inquired from the Lord and told me, “I feel like there are five baptisms for us here in Njeru,” and he asked for my opinion and I answered, “do you remember what we asked Bishop,” he said “yes” and I told him that the answer he gave is the Lord’s answer.

At the end of week five of August to September transfer we had three baptisms in total. It got to the point where I lost hope in the five baptism the Lord had ‘assigned’ to us. This same week, an investigator was angry with us because we told her neighbour to tell her that she wasn’t getting baptized that week. After the Zone Conference we noticed that we had made a big mistake after President Collings saying something about being careful with our investigators. This sister (Shadia) who was angry, got to the point where she was losing the Spirit to desire to be baptised. Before the beginning of week six, I read about Christ-like attributes in PMG (Preach My Gospel) which reads, “faith is a principle of power,” and this principle of power is hope, which is believing and expecting that something will occur. As I read of these attributes, I felt the Love of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

We also had another sister (Oliver) who was progressing well - we visited her one day and found that she had gone to the village with her family. With the same faith and hope we had, we made restitution with sister Shadia and later sister Oliver was back from the village.

On 24th September,2017, sister Shadia and sister Oliver were baptised. Indeed, the Lord had prepared five baptisms. Having and building our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, helped us to develop Christ-like attributes. Faith and hope work together and lead to charity, love, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence and strict obedience.

I testify that when we ask God to bless us with His Son’s attributes, having faith as a principle of power, He will surely bless us.