#LightTheWorld: Singing Christmas Carols in the Park

Missionaries singing in the park in Kenya

“Rejoice and be exceeding glad.” Matthew 5:12

The 22 singing missionaries who participated in Christmas caroling were from the Westlands Zone of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The venue was under the branches of a tall shady jacaranda tree in the beautiful Uhuru City Park, City Center Nairobi.

Mormon missionaries are generally seen on the streets, but this day they were not only seen but heard in the park. Elder Somniso lead the choir and the combined voices made this Christmas activity a fun and rewarding day. The singers participated in singing almost every Christmas carol in the hymn book. They surprised passersby who wanted to know what was going on.

Someone announced the group as a Mormon Tabernacle Choir Wannabe. They sung heartily for more than an hour—until most were hoarse. Several missionaries made contacts and appointments to teach people more about the Church. Everyone enjoyed the friendly spirit and the beauty of both the carols and the park.

Missionaries gathering contacts after singing in the park