#LightTheWorld: Not a mere coincidence

Jolie and her family in Kinshasa

During the 2016 Christmas season, Africa Southeast Area leaders encouraged members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to participate in the 'Light the World in 25 Ways in 25 Days' initiative. We had decided to follow the program in our family. We prayerfully strove to adapt the ideas of the proposed activities to our situation and environment.

During the same period, many in Kinshasa began to feel pessimistic and fearful because the impending December 19th election deadline was expected to be violent. In contrast to the alarm felt in the neighborhood, we remained positive and confident in our Heavenly Father. A few days before that fateful date, my 6-year-old son Ryan and his nanny escaped an attempted abduction during their return from school while I was testifying about peace to my neighbors. The week before, my husband gave a talk in church about the Savior calming the storm.   (Mark 4: 36-41)

We knew that this “Light the World” theme for December 19th - 'Jesus calmed the storm, you can do the same' - was not a mere coincidence.  The Lord had offered to calm the political storm in Kinshasa, and he had done so.

This year in 2017, we have again been invited to “Light the World”.  If we follow the suggested calendar of scriptures with prayer, our light will shine and miracles will continue to take place. (3 Nephi 18:15)

Jolie's son