#LightTheWorld: Jesus helped others to see - and so can you

Two missionaries in Ukraine

Where ever we are – we can #LightTheWorld

As missionaries in Ukraine in December 2016, Elder Christofferson and his companion returned to their flat at the end of the day, a bit discouraged because they hadn’t found anyone on this day to help as “Jesus helped others to see” (as doing 25 things in 25 days - #LightTheWorld 2016) but as they opened the door their phone rang. It was the Sister Missionaries asking them to come and give their friend a blessing. She was old, sick and depressed and a Priesthood blessing was what she needed.

The elders arrived and found the little lady was blind. After the blessing, the elders looked around and spotted a radio on the shelf above her bed. Elder Christofferson took it down and asked her about it. She did not remember a radio. He opened it up and found a Tabernacle Choir CD in it and asked her about that. She spoke in her Russian dialect that she did not remember anything about it.

The elders placed the radio beside her and taught her how to push the buttons—one to turn the CD on and another to turn it off. She smiled and said she loved the Tabernacle Choir - they were her favourite!