#LightTheWorld - Following in His ways

Sister missionaries serving in Kenya

Two Sister Missionaries, Sister Kachokamo and Sister Bamirtestza serving in Nairobi, hadn’t seen Sister Josphyne at church for a while. She is an amazing mother of two sets of twins and she has her hands full with her three-year-old sons and one-year-old daughters. The Sister missionaries decided to make a call and visit Josphyne.

Just the day before they decided to reduce their belongings, as they had too many skirts that were not being worn. Listening to the day’s #LightTheWorld message, they wondered how they might follow in Jesus’s footsteps with “I was naked and ye clothed me.”

The Sister Missionaries took their spare clothing along with them to visit Josphyne. Josphyne was happy to have the visit and overjoyed to have the skirts to wear to church. She said she only had one outfit, pants and a shirt, and she felt so uncomfortable not having a skirt to wear.

Sister Kachokamo said, “It made us feel so warm inside to make Josphyne so happy.”