Lesotho Helping Hands Report

Lesotho Helping Hands Report

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the small country of Lesotho recently made a big difference in the lives of three individuals. Wearing their Helping Hands vests, the members gave service to Thabiso Thulo, a 14 year old boy who lives on his own since his mother, father, and sister died from the Aids virus, Puleng, a young widow who lost her leg when a dilapidated school building fell, and Makeke Nkone, a stroke victim. 

Sister Limpho, a member of the Masianokeng Branch lives near Thabiso and could see he was not well. She asked her branch leaders if the Church could help.  Thabiso has been diagnosed as HIV positive and uses most of the R740 he receives every three months for food and transport to get his medication. On March 11 th , forty-three members gathered to wash clothes, clear a garden area, plant vegetables, clean his house, wash blankets and bring food. The members remained cheerful as they worked hard throughout the day. “Everyone was in a good mood. They were happy to work together and be of some help,” said President Moorosi from the Masianokeng Branch.
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Not long after, Elder Tandi and Elder Webb were tracting. Elder Webb had his sights on a house down the road, but the Spirit whispered to Elder Tandi to stop and knock on a door nearby. They found a young woman sitting on her bed with her 5 month old baby. She didn’t speak English, but Elder Webb was able to communicate with her. She said her baby was ill, they had no food, and she was unable to produce milk. They called President and Sister Moorosi, who brought food, and President Moorosi gave the child a blessing. On April 11 th , members gathered once again to give of their time. They cleared a garden plot for Puleng and planted spinach and cabbage. They also fetched water for her house, something that is very difficult for her to do on her own, and donated clothing and food. As members were working, neighbours could see their yellow shirts and would stop and ask 
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them what was happening. President Moorosi said, “Members were excited to help. They felt humbled as they brought seeds from their own storage.” On the same day, in another part of town, Relief Society sisters went to 

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help stroke victim Makeke Nkone clean her home. Members could see how difficult it was for her to get around, so they were happy to assist her. The members of the Masianokeng Branch bonded and strengthened one another 

during these 

experiences. President Moorosi said, “Many members are looking forward to another Helping Hands project in the future.”

Doctrine and Covenants 51:40 reads, “Remember in all things the poor and the needy.” Serving others is an important attribute of the followers of Jesus Christ. Mormon Helping Hands gives members the opportunity to share their time and talents to serve those in need, showing the Church is a friend to the community.