Get to know the Area Organisational Advisors in the Africa South Area

Women talk together

From Zimbabwe to South Africa and Mozambique, these sisters are strengthening the women-led organisations in the Church.

Exactly 180 years ago, the Relief Society was founded with Emma Smith as its first president. Now, as the oldest women’s organisation, the Relief Society boasts over 7-million members in more than 188 countries.

As we commemorate this occasion, we’d like to introduce you to the Area Organisational Advisors in the Africa South Area. They are women of strength, of faith, members of the Relief Society, and leaders called to strengthen all the female-led organisations in the Area.

Sister Amalia Malidadi

Sister Amalia Malidadi was born in Mutare, Zimbabwe, but currently lives in Beira, Sofala, Mozambique. She works as a Business Management university lecturer at the Catholic University of Mozambique, where she teaches Marketing Management and Financial Management.

Sister Amelia Malidadi

As she juggles her various responsibilities, Sister Malidadi says her family inspires her. “I want to be a good example to them and everyone around me,” she says. She has been married to Solomon Malidadi since 1999, and they have three children.

She is looking forward to “learning a lot and growing spiritually, intellectually and especially emotionally,” in her new calling. Sister Malidadi says her personal purpose is “to empower women and show them that we are capable. With a little push, we can overcome anything.”

Sister Theresa Tshidi Chokoe

Sister Theresa Tshidi Chokoe resides in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg, South Africa. Sister Chokoe works for the Gauteng provincial Department of Education in South Africa, where she currently holds the title of Deputy Chief Education Specialist in psychosocial support.

Sister Theresa Tshidi Tshokoe

She married Mpho Chokoe in 1995. They are the parents of three children and have three grandchildren. As she takes in her role, Sister Chokoe aims to “participate in the Lord’s work by living the gospel and taking care of the needy.”

Ministering, and “serving others with love and empathy” are guiding principles that inspire her in her life. As she takes on her new calling, Sister Chokoe says she is looking forward to “being guided by the spirit as I serve with humility and embrace diversity.”

Sister Tarirai Mhonda

Sister Tarirai Mhonda resides in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is the owner of a Tourism consulting business and also enjoys small farming with her husband. She served as the Harare Zimbabwe South Stake Relief Society president for the past seven years.

She has served in a number of Church callings, including Stake Relief Society counselor, ward Relief Society president and ward Relief Society counselor.

Sister Tarirai Mhonda

Sister Mhonda was married in 1988 and is the mother of three children. She sees the role of the area organization adviser as one that will help to link the Area Presidency with the sister-led organizations in the Church.

As she serves in her role, Sister Mhonda says she is “looking forward to more participation by sisters in their council meetings as a result of them feeling loved and knowing that their roles are important for the Church.

“All sisters should be motivated by President Nelson’s message in October General Conference of 2019: that the roles of women are equally important in the gathering of Zion in preparation for the Second coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ,” she says.

As she goes about her life, Sister Mhonda is inspired by the scriptures, conference talks and articles in the Liahona. She draws strength from leaders who “remind me that even if life is full of adversaries and tribulations, there is always positive outlook for everything,” she says.

“Hope and faith will get me through the toughest times.”