I am Living My Dream

I am Living My Dream

How Has Self-Reliance Blessed Me?

Socrates once said: “To find yourself, think for yourself”

I have always wondered what the phrase ‘self-reliance’ meant. Relying on myself, right? Well, that’s easy. I can breathe on my own. I can move my fingers and toes on my own. I can walk back and forth on my own accord. So what’s the big deal?

The Self-Reliance Centre was then established in Durban, and I thought to myself ‘Look how that one worked out’… my curiosity was beyond me. I had to find out for myself!

A plethora of options were presented to me. I was a newly-wed and my husband and I were both students. The sales pitch I received from the couple missionary had me sold!

I carefully chose the “Starting and Growing my Business” course as I secretly always wanted to be the boss of something.

For the first two weeks of the course we were taught basic principles of faith. Oh man, I still get goose bumps talking about it because the clarity I received then still resonates today. It was then that I knew exactly what it is I wanted to do. I was passionate about modest clothing and specifically fashion. I knew I had to be bold and more importantly, I had to be myself.

Some of the chapter headings were:

•             How do I buy my product and set the sales price?

•             How do I know if I should use a loan to grow my business?

•             How will I increase my profits?

Throughout the duration of the course I managed to participate in three weddings. I produced bridesmaid dresses for all three weddings, all in just twelve weeks. I can still remember the look on some of the ladies faces: the purest form of joy.

Due to that accelerated success I have made it my life’s mission to make others happy. And so the name of my company was born: FilthyHappy. Who knew that just by being myself, my Mormon Modest self would bring me such happiness and success. I have been able to also alter my Bishop’s suit. Now that’s success!

I am so grateful for the self-reliance course: Starting and Growing my Business! Because of it I have a lifestyle blog and website and I am currently working on my online store. A friend of mine and I have also started a wedding planning business and have planned one beautiful wedding reception for a friend who got sealed in the Johannesburg South Africa Temple. Due to my passion and drive I have also branched into selling modest wedding dresses and I am working on a separate website dedicated to weddings dresses only.

The FilthyHappy brand has now become a household name amongst my friends and the LDS South Africa community as a whole.

I am living my dream and I am eternally grateful!

So, if you asked me today what is ‘Self-Reliance’…this is what I would say:

“As man now is, God once was; As God now is, man may be.”

Self-reliance is becoming like God and that is the ultimate!         

-Bonolo (Nolo) Ntombela