How Do I Participate?

How Do I Participate?

 How Do I Participate?

Church Members

As a member, you may look for jobs in the Job Openings section of However, before you can schedule an interview or send in your CV and other documents requested, you need to have the Church Leaders’ form (available on the website) signed which states you are a good person and have neither a police record nor excessive debt. It also states that you agree to live the standards of the Church.

Not a Member

If you would like to attend one of our meetings and meet the Church leader there, you may click the “Meetinghouse locater” below to find a congregation near your residence. OR you can call this number 011 758 6650 and ask for a FREE DVD about the Church and Jesus Christ.

Meetinghouse Locater

All local chapels and meetinghouses throughout the area are listed here. All visitors are welcome to attend.

Want More Information?

Visit the Helpful Information section under Employment on