Financial Aid For My Studies

Financial Aid For My Studies

In 2012, I enrolled with the North-West University to continue with my B.Com accounting degree which I had started somewhere else. I was doing my second year at this stage. I successfully completed my second year but then had a financial challenge as I looked to progress into my third and final year in 2013. I needed financial aid and so I turned to PEF. I worked with my bishop and my stake president. I completed a career workshop which was a requirement and thereafter started with the application process. My application was successful which meant I could complete my studies in 2013. This came as a huge relief to me as I could not bear the thought of abandoning my studies. It was a real frustration trying to think about what I was going to do with an incomplete qualification.

I am grateful for the help of the leaders as well as the couple who taught the Planning for Success career workshop that prepared me well for the application process.

I made a lot of sacrifices and worked hard during the course of my studies. I used to spend the whole day at the library (08h00 to 17h00) and fortunately my husband was very supportive. My hard work paid off in the end as I passed well enough to qualify to do Honors in financial accounting. I was able to get a bursary that paid for this degree.

I am currently working for the Auditor General of South Africa as a trainee auditor/accountant while pursuing a Registered Government Auditing qualification. I am preparing to write board exams which will take place soon. As a registered board auditor, my current salary has a potential to triple, and that will be a huge blessing to my family. My studies have now allowed me to assist my husband in providing for our family. In fact, my husband is currently devoted fully to his studies for this whole year. We are blessed with and are raising a 22 month old daughter. My work allows me to be able to attend Church every Sunday as well as spend sufficient time with my family.

At Church, I am currently serving with my husband as an advisory couple to the Young Single Adults. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to inspire them as they go through their own self-reliance process. I would advise those who are looking for employment and education to be prayerful and trust God. Whatever the circumstances, they should never give up.