Family History Occupies My Time

Family History Occupies My Time

I live in Lesotho and am a mother of six children, three boys and three girls.  I also have 4 grandchildren, and a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law who added to this great beautiful number of children. My eldest daughter, who is my second born, was the one who joined the LDS church.

When she was young she never had an interest in any religion and we used to go to church as a family, leaving her behind sleeping or doing other work. I was very worried as a mother to have a child like that. I prayed for her, pleading for help from my Heavenly Father, but it was as if God was not hearing my prayers. However, after many years my prayers were answered.

In 2001, when my daughter was 19 years old, she came home very happy and told me that she had met the Mormon missionaries at my cousin’s home and she needed to be taught. I was surprised to see her so happy. I was upset that she didn’t want to go to my church, but I tried to understand her happiness. I asked her to come to church with our family but she refused and said, “I feel like those missionaries are bringing the special and important message which I know you will like”. I didn’t reply to that but I did give her permission to be taught by the missionaries.

She was baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 2 February 2001. She was very happy and her attitude changed immediately. She would go to church to learn a lot of good things and everything she learned she would share with me. I was surprised that, in addition to gospel lessons, she was also taught many other enriching things which helped me.

On 9 May 2001 I joined one of the new member missionary lessons where they talked about enduring to the end. I enjoyed the lesson and the missionaries asked if they could come and teach me. I agreed and after the second lesson I even committed to be baptised.

Uplifting lessons were taught and I felt the Spirit and tried to practise what I learned in lessons. One lesson was about the temple and family history. I didn’t know where to start so I prayed and fasted.  I was prompted to take a small book and pen wherever I went. At family gatherings, at family parties, mostly at funerals, I would disturb old people and introduce myself. I got information from them and from neighbours and friends. The Lord helped me to find members of my family. Ever since I heard the lesson about the temple and family history, I have occupied myself doing family history.

I started coming to the temple in March 2002. I was very excited to take part in doing baptisms for the deceased ancestors of other members. Then I realised that I had my own family names! At first I had collected about twenty-five of my family members up to my 6th generation, and now, in my 10th year, I have been blessed to do the work for more than 70 of my family members, and I look forward to doing more. I thank the Lord for being such a loving Father to help me do this marvelous work.  I always feel happy when I feel His love.