Faith-filled Saints

image of Christ comforting women

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in East London and Mdantsane have shared their deepest feelings about faith and the Atonement.

When Heavenly Father chose His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins, He showed unwavering love for His children. We have all had the privilege of receiving the benefit of His sacrifice, and our faith in the Lord has kept us on the straight and narrow path even at the most difficult times.

Mdantsane ward 2 Bishop Mhlangovuyo Makeleni says that faith without works is dead and in order to have a testimony of the Saviour we need to apply His teachings in our lives.

“I have so much faith in the Lord and I have seen His hand in my life. I have a testimony of the Saviour and I have applied His teachings, and I have tasted the goodness of His teachings. This has motivated me to try and live according to His commandments. I realised that the atonement isn’t only about repenting of our sins, but also about deliverance from challenges, and receiving strength to carry on living with them, “said Makeleni.

Mdantsane ward 3 member, Kholeka Yosi says that she knows that God has a plan for her and her family.

“I have so many challenges in my life but I have so much faith in God and I know that He sent His Son to die on the cross for me and that I can lean on them in times of stress, confusion and fear. At times I do feel overwhelmed by life’s problems but I know that Heavenly father has a plan for all His children. Having faith in Jesus Christ is what drives me to kneel down and pray. That way I can continue living with a renewed faith that all will be well. I love the Saviour with all my heart and I am striving to be the best daughter I can be so that I can live with Him in the end,” said Yosi.

Mdantsane ward 3 member, Fundiswa Ntsheyiya says that she finds solace in hymn 85 in which God gives assurance that He is with us at all times.

“Hymn 85 says ‘fear not I am with thee’. I know that Jesus Christ died for me and I know that He answers all of my prayers. I know that the challenges I face are for my benefit and learning. I know that He lives and comforts me and I have felt His love, and I know that if I keep His commandments He gives me a sure promise that He will bless me in ways I cannot imagine,” said Ntsheyiya.

Kingwilliamstown member, Thembisa Mbatani says that when she reflects on her life she has seen the hand of the Lord in her life. She joined the church at a young age and has had the privilege of serving a mission in Zambia, Lusaka.

“Growing up in Port Elizabeth with my sister, I noticed a building being constructed a few blocks from our home. Once the building was completed we were very excited to go in and see what was going on, so we gathered all of our childhood friends and went to investigate. There was just something about the way the people there carried themselves. They had a glow in their eyes and they were all so kind and loving. Fast forward to 21 years later and the acts of faithful missionaries over the years have opened doors for us as a family. The Lord has been kind to us and He knows us so well.  I know that through faith, centred in Jesus Christ, we can experience miracles.”

“The atonement of Christ is real.  He suffered and died not only for our sins but for the pains and afflictions of everyone,” said Mbatani. 

image of Christ & lamb