Drinking of the Living Waters: Attending General Conference

Drinking of the Living Waters: Attending General Conference
Since my wife and I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1979, General Conference has always been a very special time for us.  We were eager to hear from our leaders and ready to receive whatever counsel the Lord had for us, and we were never disappointed.

We were fortunate enough to have attended General Conference in Salt Lake City on a few occasions.  You can imagine how excited we were to be there with over 20,000 other Latter-day Saints. We felt the spirit of unity and love among the Saints. It has always been my wish that every Latter-day Saint could have this experience. 

We were privileged to witness the utmost respect shown to the prophet as he enters the conference center prior to the start of the meetings. A stillness falls over the congregation as we all stand in unison to acknowledge him as the mouthpiece of the Lord.

But what is more important is what I felt as the talks were given. General Conference is a time of revelation – a time for the outpouring of the Spirit upon all in attendance (D&C44:2).  The Lord wants to bless us with that which we need and earnestly seek. As we prepare ourselves and come to Conference with a ready mind, knowledge and guidance is poured out upon us.

I recall many occasions when the Lord has spoken to me at General Conference, so much so that I have learnt to expect revelation when attending.  

I have been guided in my personal life when listening to Elder Richard G. Scott speak about the purity of the scriptures. I felt a desire to have clean hands and a pure heart.

I have been directed to express love to my wife more frequently and to support her in her needs and spiritual development.  I have been directed to spend more time with my children, talking about their lives and their growth, and to work on projects with them individually.

I have received direction regarding my personal scripture study. When a prophet spoke about the Book of Mormon, the question came to me: what additional insights can be obtained from the Book of Mormon about the Father and the Son?

I have received guidance relating to my home teaching assignments. On one occasion when Elder Dallin H. Oaks posed the question, “What think ye of Christ?”  I was prompted to ask a particular less-active family this same question. I have had numerous strokes of ideas regarding my callings over the years. This is the pattern that has been my privilege to observe.

Invariably I have followed the direction given and have seen the positive results that come from following the promptings of the Spirit. Indeed, General Conference has been a blessing in our lives and we can be assured that we will always have the blessing of drinking at the “fountain of living waters” in future General Conferences.

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