Developing the Faith to Perform a Miracle

Elder Heald and Elder Greengrass

“We sealed the anointing and then I said these words which I will never forget, 'In the name of Jesus Christ, take up thy bed and walk.'”

Soon after I arrived in South Africa as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter-day Saints, I began to pray for a manifestation of the power of the priesthood.  I was praying and studying, in an attempt to develop the faith to perform miracles by the power of God.  My faith was soon tested. 

My companion and I went to an appointment but the person we had scheduled to teach was not home, so we decided to do some tracting just for a few minutes.  We were both prompted to knock on a specific door where we found an old lady.  She was just sitting in a chair reading the bible which got us both excited.  We started to talk to her but found out that we couldn't really understand her because she was speaking isiXhosa.  We left her some pamphlets to read and went our way. 

About two weeks later we were in the same area, and we met a nice little girl who told us randomly that she wanted us to teach her grannie.  We were both excited about that so we followed her and she led us to the very same house, with the same old lady, and once again she was reading her bible.  Well this time we sat down with her and we found out that she actually speaks much more English than we thought, and we made arrangements to start teaching her the lessons.  After a few weeks and 2 or 3 lessons we asked her why she couldn't come to church.  She said that she had a problem with her leg that had confined her to her chair for the past 8 months.  I was on an exchange with my zone leader who explained to her about the power of the priesthood.  She asked for a blessing.  My zone leader then anointed her head with the consecrated oil.  Then together we placed our hands on her head and followed the Spirit as I voiced the blessing.  We sealed the anointing and then I said these words which I will never forget, 'In the name of Jesus Christ, take up thy bed and walk.'  After that we closed the blessing and left her house. 

The next time I went back with my companion we were surprised to find her, not sitting in her chair as always but walking perfectly around the house.  She was so happy to see us and told us that her leg had been completely and miraculously healed.  A few weeks later, on my last Sunday in the area, she came to church for the first time, walking several kilometers.  Several months later, I received news that she was getting baptized.  I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood, for her faith to be healed, and that I was able to develop the faith to perform a miracle.