Christmas traditions in Namibia

Christmas in Namibia
I grew up in a small community village, Tsumispark. Christmas celebrations always were and still are special times for this community in our village. Starting our December festival season, the community church leaders selected some scriptures from the Bible, mostly from Isaiah, Luke, Matthew and John, and assigned verses to each family. The nativity play for the birth of Jesus Christ was assigned to the school to enact.

All shopping was done during the first two weeks in December. The preparation and baking of all types of cakes, biscuits and cookies was done during the third week. All shops closed at noon on 24 December, and at 5pm all the Christmas activities began.  All the families and friends got together at the church hall, where the Christmas play was held. After the play, each family recited their Bible verses. At 11pm the church service started. It lasted until midnight. Then they rang the church bells, and thereafter the fireworks began.

On Christmas day church services are from 9am until noon. Afterwards families return home to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We have a special lunch, and cake in the afternoon, and exchange gifts. This is Christmas on a small community farm.

“He was born so that I can live and love, and have peace and joy.”

“He was born so that I can live and love, and have peace and joy.”