Blessed by PEF

Blessed by PEF

When I returned to Kenya from serving a full time mission, I wasn’t sure which path to take in terms of education and career. I had some ideas based on my interests but generally was undecided. I wasn’t sure how I was actually going to fund my schooling once I had made up my mind what I wanted to study. There was also the issue of how I would transition back into school after such a long time away from academics. It seemed like it was going to be an uphill task. The Planning for Success workshop helped open up my mind to things that I’d previously not considered. It also helped me arrange my thoughts and go forward in faith. Even though there were still some uncertainties with finding a job to sustain my educational plans, I had an assurance that things would be well.

Following the career workshop I knew I had some big decisions to make. I did the best I could as I carefully considered my options. I needed a confirmation that the choices I was making were in accordance with God’s will and plan for my life. I approached the matter in fasting and prayer. The result was that I felt good about the path I had chosen. This was enough to give me the confidence to move forward. I began with my studies in the field of psychology. I found a job and so I was working and studying simultaneously. This strengthened my faith and increased my confidence in setting up a plan and working to achieve it. 

Following getting a PEF loan, I made some commitments. I promised to attend institute 100%. When a calling was extended to me to be an institute teacher, I gladly accepted, notwithstanding it meant basically all my Saturdays were taken up as I had class in the morning and institute in the afternoon. It wasn’t much of a sacrifice however as those institute classes became great social activities for me and the YSAs who attended. Many have since served missions and married in the temple.

I also made a commitment to get work that would enable me repay my PEF loan monthly. It came as a miracle that the month I got my disbursement, I got a job in a logistics company. I completed my studies as a qualified psychologist and have since made the decision to continue with my current job in logistics. It is a good feeling to be able to pay your own bills and be self-reliant. This is a blessing that began through the self-reliance services. This has enabled me to help support my family as well as serve in the church. I have since served as a Young Men’s president, and currently serve in the stake high council. My testimony has been strengthened. I have built a closer relationship with, and increased my love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The PEF has been a bridge that has carried me from dependence to self-reliance. It has helped me overcome the obstacles presented by poverty. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I have developed skills through my studies and work to better my conditions and the conditions of those in my circle of influence. Now I have confidence as I face the future.