Baptism for his Deceased Mother

Baptism for his Deceased Mother

Brother Matloha* was a student at the university located near the Johannesburg temple, and lived with his family in a township outside the city. He attended the temple regularly, usually on Saturday mornings when the temple was full. He became a very useful, part-time temple worker who could assist the other workers in many ways.

One Thursday afternoon, Brother Matloha arrived unexpectedly at the temple and announced that he had come to work. The workers pointed out to him that things were quiet, and that there was no need for him to work. He persisted though, saying that the Holy Ghost had whispered to him that he was needed, so he had left what he was doing straightway and come to the temple.

The temple presidency was informed that there was a group from out of town who wanted to do baptisms and were in need of one priesthood holder to perform the baptisms. Brother Matloha was informed of this, and again insisted that the Spirit had led him there that day, and that he was grateful for the opportunity to serve. At first, things went very smoothly. Brother Matloha stood in the baptismal font and began baptising the visitors for their deceased relatives. 

Then an amazing thing happened! As the conducting officer read the name of a deceased person for whom the next baptism would be done, Brother Matloha stopped suddenly and began to ask questions about the particular deceased person as he recognised her name. 

To his amazement, they were speaking of his deceased, biological mother. The ensuing discussion revealed that he had had no contact with his biological family as his mother had died during childbirth, and his father had remarried and lost contact with her family. This group turned out to be family of his biological mother. Now, he was being invited to baptise his lost mother into the true Church of Jesus Christ, which, eventually, he tearfully did.

Now... he understood why the Holy Spirit had sent him to the temple at that time, on that day. It was not a coincidence. There are no coincidences in the Lord's house. Brother Matloha had listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and was truly blessed!

*name changed