A Surprising Answer to Prayers Offered Many Years Ago

A Surprising Answer to Prayers Offered Many Years Ago

Philippine Church members Ed and Arjeree Chua were relocated to Lusaka, Zambia in 1985 for Ed’s employment.  The Chuas felt impressed to discover the opportunities in Lusaka despite the opposition of their immediate families and fear of the unknown and uncertainties.

Soon they were settled in Lusaka with their two young sons.  Arjeree said, “We were happy; it felt like it was a grand paid vacation for our young family for almost three years.”

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There was one thing missing....the Church.  The Chuas filled their own home with the Spirit, and were excited to share the restored gospel with friends.  Arjeree contacted the International Mission to request copies of the Book of Mormon, missionary materials, and full time missionaries.  She received the materials, but was told that the time had not yet come to send missionaries. 

Book of Mormon,

Sensing people’s strong interest and excitement about the gospel, Arjeree prayed fervently that Heavenly Father would send missionaries to bless the people of Zambia.

Two friends were impressed that Arjeree’s sons, aged four and eight, could pray and bless the food. They thought a church which could teach a small child to pray like that must be good.  These friends later joined the church. Gospel seeds were planted with many friends.

When Brother Chua’s employment contract in Lusaka ended, the family decided to settle in California, United States, with Arjeree’s family.  Two daughters were born in California. 

Later the Chuas settled in Tennessee, United States.  They continued to enjoy activity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Their two sons served missions. 

Eventually Jered, the Chua’s youngest daughter, decided to serve a mission.  When the call came, the Chuas were amazed to find she was called to serve in Lusaka, Zambia where they had lived and prayed for missionaries so many years before! 

The Zambia Lusaka Mission was formed in July of 2011. The Lusaka chapel was built very near the area where Sister Jered Chua’s parents had lived.

The people of Zambia are peace loving and ready to accept the gospel.  The Church is flourishing there.  Sister Chua loves the people as her mother did so many years before and looks forward to continuing Church growth.  Her parent’s prayers for missionaries in Lusaka have been answered beyond anything they could have imagined.  And in a surprising way!

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