● Have a Current Temple Recommend

● Study the Book of Mormon Daily

● Keep the Sabbath Day Holy


● Share the Gospel

● Strengthen New Converts

● Rescue the Less Actives

● Take Family Names to the Temple

● Prepare to Serve Missions

● Pay an Honest Tithe

● Live the Law of the Fast

To measure progress, Individuals and Families...

Are invited to set goals in harmony with this Area Plan and then work to make progress towards them.

To measure progress, Ministering Brothers and Sisters...

Will strengthen those to whom they minister by prayerfully - and with the guidance of the Spirit - inviting and helping them with goals from this Area Plan.

To measure progress, Church Leaders...

Will use the following Indicators of Progress in implementing this Area Plan:

• Endowed members with a current temple recommend.
• Youth holding limited-use temple recommends.
• Sacrament meeting attendance.
• Coverts baptized and confirmed.
• Converts assigned a responsibility or calling.
• Male converts ordained.
• Coverts submitting names to the temple.
• Ministering brothers and sisters interviewed.
• Prospective elders advanced to Melchizedek Priesthood.
• Family names submitted to the temple for ordinances.
• Missionaries serving a full-time mission.